abc carpet & home The #abcsa is changing the way you eat and helps save farming in the Hudson Valley too. Recipes by Jean-Georges Vongrichten and abc kitchen and curated by the this “citified” “csa” community supported agriculture farm share funds youth education programming in agriculture and delivers to your doorstep bi-monthly a paleo diet dream that brings economic development to the region. Organic Bio-Dyanmic Greens and Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Eggs, Grass fed meat and poultry and hudson valley specialty food are the bounty basket people cheer to eat! FarmOn!

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Empire Farm Produce Availability

Organic & Biodynamic Produce to Support Educational Farming for YOUTH

Tessa Edick
Cell: 617.852.0313
Work: 518.329.FARM

Week of June 11, 2017



McEnroe Organic Farm Turkeys

McEnroe Turkeys.

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Field Goods

field-goods.comNo time to visit the farm? Too busy to get to the grocery store? No problem! Let Field Goods be your home delivery service for locally sourced, fresh-from-the-farm food products! Field Goods customers across the Albany and Hudson Valley regions receive weekly home deliveries of locally sourced products straight from the farm.

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Manhattan Milk

manhattan_milkDelivery Service of the FarmOn! working farm. Frank and Matt, Manhattan Milk Men are Bringing the farm to your table. Hours before daybreak, Frank Acosta treads silently down apartment corridors and slips beneath townhouse stoops. He’s got to get glass-bottled milk to his customers’ doors in time for their kids to splash it on breakfast cereal. Manhattan, the milkman is back. And he’s headed for Brooklyn, too. In the next month or so, Acosta and business partner Matt Marone will expand their company, Manhattan Milk, into brownstone neighborhoods like Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens and Park Slope. Even before crossing the East River, they’re getting an earful of milkman jokes.

Manhattan Milk

Book - Hudson Valley Food and Farming by Tessa Edick

Book: Hudson Valley Food & Farming
By: Tessa Edick
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Bi-monthly column by founder, Tessa Edick

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