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Host Events for FarmOn!Learn how to FarmOn! Re-learn how to eat. Be inspired by the passion of our Founder, Tessa Edick, who will share her unique food journey from the farm to FarmOn! and read from her book “Hudson Valley Food & Farming – Why Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell Me That?”



Farm Chic + Meaningful

Everything you eat and drink at our events will come from just down the road. That means it is nutrient-dense. It is fresher, it tastes better, it supports community and commerce, and lowers your carbon footprint, bringing health and wellness in abundance.


Love your Farmer

We love all of the farmers, growers, producers, chefs, professional athletes, influencers and friends who helped make the past five years of the “Hootenanny!”, “Friends of the Farmer” and “Play with Fire” events possible. All to benefit the FarmOn! Foundation.

Hootenanny 2014

Experience Authenticity and Give Back

We don’t pay lip service to locavore, we source and prepare every single thing you eat at our events within 30 miles of your plate. It matters, it makes a difference, and it stimulates economic development to rebuild local economies. Good food tastes better. Especially when eating supports our philanthropic work.

Keep Farmers Farming

The Hudson Valley is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the farm to table trend by positioning our food and farming industries as purveyors of choice and rich resources. The FarmOn! Foundation leverages the farm to table movement to plant seeds of growth for our local economy, community and the next generation so that they may foster viable livelihoods in agriculture.

Hootenanny 2014

Spend Where You Eat

Every dollar spent at independent businesses returns 7 times more money to the local economy than one spent at a national chain or franchise. FarmOn! Foundation events and programming educates consumers about local economic benefits gained from consuming locally grown and produced food products. We provide consumers with endless opportunities to invest with their appetites for the benefit of community building, commerce, nutrition and the future of farming.

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Thank You For Your Generous Support

Thank you for supporting this important movement in agriculture. Only together can we make a difference by choosing to opt out of processed food and make the future of farming viable for the people who want to grow our food. With this commitment to honestly, responsibly cultivated foodways, we repave the pathway to succession on family farms who aim to feed us well. FarmOn!

Food Education + Farm Preservation

Learn how to FarmOn! Re-learn how to eat. Be inspired by the passion of our Founder, Tessa Edick, who will share her unique food journey from the farm to FarmOn! and read from her book “Hudson Valley Food & Farming – Why Didn’t Anyone Ever Tell Me That?”

Grow your future and join the conversation to keep farmers farming. Good food is not a privilege. Host a Meet Your Farmer event today!

Hootenanny 2014

Pledge for Real Change with #MilkMoney and Ag in the Classroom

Promise to make your school lunchroom smarter and aim to really engage in resilient food systems.You will rethink how to eat. You will live better. You will be happier. This rebuilds local economies. Host an event and raise funds and awareness for the important work of FarmOn! Foundation. Hootenanny 2014

Just by eating and engaging, YOU inspire change.

Your charitable contribution to the FarmOn! Foundation plants seeds that grow our local economies, bring wellness to our communities and support the next generation to develop viable livelihoods in agriculture and keep feeding us well. Hootenanny 2014
“There is a harmonic convergence in the Hudson Valley now, people that really understand the big picture of edible education like Tessa [Founder of FarmOn! Foundation] and the wonderful farmers she has working with her.”
— Alice Waters

Charitable Giving and Corporate Sponsorship is Vital to Our Success

  • Our Ag-Academy Educates.
  • Our Events Engage.
  • Our Ideas are Entrepreneurial.
  • Our Youth Deserve Viable Livelihoods.
  • Our Communities Thrive.

FarmOn! at Empire Farm

FarmOn! Foundation is building a community center on a 220 acre working farm in New York’s Hudson Valley that is dedicated to educating the next generation in the art of sustainable farming and the business of food. Academy
Young people are more and more aware of the importance of their food choices, which has reignited an interest in farming. To maintain this interest these young entrepreneurs need to understand how they can make a living in agriculture and sustain profitability. That is where FarmOn! Foundation will make a critical difference by reversing the trend of Agribusiness back to re-establishing economically and environmentally sustainable family farm operations and building robust local economies to preserve farming in America.

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We partner with a wide range of experts…

FarmOn! Foundation Board of Directors:
Universities: MIT, SUNY, Cornell, Marist College, Bard College
Seed: Turtle Tree Seed Co, Hudson Valley Seed Library
Compost: McEnroe Organic Farm, Duffy Layton Organic Compost

Hootenanny 2014

Keep Farmers Farming!

Support the FarmOn! Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and public charity that brings awareness to your food choices and sources and funds youth education in agriculture for succession on family farms.FarmOn! is a MOVEMENT AND COLLABORATION of professional farmers, educators, influencers, supporters, nutritionists, students, professional athletes, political and community leaders invested in the future of local agriculture and supporting local economies. Hootenanny 2014

Partnerships Include…

Bronx Zoo, Alice Waters, John Varvatos, TasteNY, #abcsa by abcKitchen, NYPD, NBA, Whole Foods Market, Cabot Cheese, Hudson Valley Fresh, FarmAid, SUNY, Marist, NYS Department of Ag & Markets, Chef to Farm (Chef Tom Colicchio, Chef Jonathan Wright, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Chef April Bloomfield, Chef Zakary Pelaccio, Chef David Burke, Chef Sean Brock, Chef Matt Jennings, Chef Rob Gentile), Four Brothers DRIVE IN Amenia, Modern Farmer, , Columbia Greene Media and the FarmOn! Foundation Board of Directors.

Executive Board Of Directors

Executive Director: Tessa Edick
FarmOn! Foundation Founder, Food Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Author

President: Joyce Varvatos
Graduate of Cornell University School of Agriculture and Partner of
Art Advisor

VP: Jeremy Peele
Herondale Farm Founder and Owner Grass-Fed Beef Farmer

Treasurer: Paula Colarusso
Fundraising Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Secretary: Kipp Edick
Graduate of Columbia University, Graduate of Yale University School of Architecture, Architect Adjaye Associates
FarmOn! Empire Farm Architect

Stephen Mack
Innovator, IT Specialist, Entrepreneur

Nanci Ross Weaver
Emmy Award Winning Producer, Brand Strategist

Chris Weaver
MIT Professor, Entrepreneur

Jonathan Wright
Chef, Rainbow Room NYC, Entrepreneur

Lois Krasilovsky
Start-Up Business Advisor, Realtor, Entrepreneur


Advisory Board

Lynn Shafran
Attorney, Philanthropist

Stacey Hengsterman
Associate Vice Chancellor for SUNY Relations and Chief of Staff

David Ackerman, CPA
Karp, Ackerman, Skabowski & Hogan, Hudson NY

Zakary Pelaccio
Fish & Game Restaurant, Hudson, NY
Award Winning Chef & Author, Restauranteur, Entrepreneur

Eric Williams
NBA Veteran, Boston Celtics

Published Works Benefit FarmOn! Foundation

The time seemed right to celebrate the farmers and fund youth educational programs in agriculture to foster the entrepreneurial spirit on family farms to support succession on the family farm and support education of the next generation to heed the calling to the land and continue to feed us responsibly. So FarmOn! Foundation was founded.

And documented.
And we share that journey with you here…

Hootenanny 2014
By doing this, we bring awareness to your food choices and sources. Our food dollars impact local economies and stimulate development in our community.

By encouraging people to Meet Your Farmer, opt out of processed food, and shop locally, we create wellness and viable livelihoods for our agriculture community.Through published works, we create and fund a variety of youth educational programs: FarmOn! Milk Money local milk farm-to-school initiative served cow-to-kid in 36 hours, #abcsa, and now a working farm and Ag-Academy FarmOn! at Empire Farm to engage us all in local food systems.

Apply to our Apprentice program today!

For interests in scholarships or to apprentice at a family farm contact Tara:

Meet Your Farmer!

Demand Quality and Transparency.
Buy Local.
Eat Honest Food.
Practice Responsible Eating.
Opt out of Processed Food.
Know your Farmer. Know your Food.
Good food is not a privilege.

Hootenanny 2014
Thank you for supporting this important movement in agriculture by choosing to spend your money on local food. Together, we can help make the future of farming viable for the people who farm our food honestly and responsibly.

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture

What does that mean? What if, instead of getting a magazine every week, you got a big box of produce from a farmer down the road filled with fruits and vegetables picked that very morning, and bursting with flavor and nutrition? That’s what you get when you subscribe to a CSA. Community-Supported or Community-Shared Agriculture is also known as “subscription farming.” You buy a subscription from a local farmer just like you buy any subscription, but instead of receiving a magazine each week, you receive a “share” of fresh, locally grown or raised fruit and/or vegetables. Some farmers also offer CSA subscriptions for farm-fresh eggs, poultry, meats and dairy. CSA is a new name that is reminiscent of an earlier time; when people knew where their food came from, ate in harmony with the seasons, and enjoyed delicious and healthy diets of pure, fresh foods.

Sign up today with the farmers in your community!


FarmOn! Farm Shares are available with #abcsa from abc Kitchen, TasteNY Todd Hill
or direct from the farm to your table: Westchester, NYC and Greenwich CT!For information how to sign up today: Click Here!

Sign up by June 1, 2015!

Everything you eat and drink should come from just down the road. It tastes better, is healthier, supports community commerce, and lowers your carbon footprint. What’s not to love? We love all farmers, growers, producers, chefs and friends who helped make FarmOn! Foundation possible and we are happy to share the FarmOn! Farm Share with you and introduce you to our partners to shop, eat, source and grow.