Fundraising for the FarmOn! Foundation

Fundraising-Events-01There are 32 million children eating school lunch across the USA everyday. Good food is not a privilege. Our youth deserve fresh food, locally sourced, in season, nutrient dense food for good health and success. Not microwaved processed food with little nutrition through a system of Big Ag making Big Money on our children’s health. FarmOn! Foundation is working to provide local food to lunchrooms in New York State and beyond and providing a garden based education that teaches children the importance of eating healthy.

Please support our important work by pledging a donation today!

$25 Monthly Pledge to the
FarmOn! Foundation
A one time donation (or monthly contribution) makes our work possible providing school lunchrooms with local milk, students with garden based curriculum, building school Victory Gardens and the FarmOn! Ag-Academy

$50 One bushel of FarmOn!
at Empire Farm Farm Share
Buy one week ($50) or 20 Weeks ($500): Organic Fresh Produce cultivated by our SUNY & CORNELL UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE & LIFE SCIENCES accredited Ag-Academy for youth and pick up at Empire Farm or donate to a family in need

$150 Pledge to the
FarmOn! Foundation
Support our important work to keep farmers farming with an entrepreneurial approach to farming for the next generation and fill the succession gap in agriculture. This rebuilds local economies to preserve family farming in America

To help us reach our goals you can
donate a different amount to each program below.

$300 Bring Chef + Farmer to School
for one class of students to learn
Foraging, planting, prepping and cooking is engrained at a young age. Learning that strawberries are seasonal, looking for them in nature, picking, planting, prepping and preserving impacts kids positively

$600 Send 30 kids on a farm tour
with a Farm Fresh Lunch
Send country kids to the city, city kids to the country! Diversity is key to a sustainable farm and healthy life experiences for kids. Eat at the source and learn about the movement of food – where is it from and why it matters

$1,125 Sponsor 1 month for 1 youth
age 17-20 at the FarmOn! Ag-Academy
Learning by doing makes all the difference in an education. Attaching that education to the farm changes kids lives. Tying the business of food to agriculture inspires healthy eating and resilient communities fostering economic development

$2,500 Sponsor a garden bed
in a public school
Connect the farm to the classroom with FarmOn! Victory Gardens. Providing students with hands-on experience in community gardening, nutrition and environmental sustainability building a school garden and connecting it to STEM learning and salad bars in the lunchroom

$5,000 FarmOn! Milk Money
For 1 School District – 1 School Year
Cow-to-Kid in 36 hours, our campaign to bring local milk to local schools allows thousands of students to drink fresher, healthier milk each day from their own community. Thousands more deserve this nutrition too. FarmOn!

$10,000 Camp FarmOn!
for a week fosters entrepreneurial spirit
10 kids ages 12-16 will visit 10 family farms and food related businesses that inspire ideas and motivate youth in a one week summer camp at Empire Farm in Copake NY where kids pitch their profitable solution to a “shark tank”



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I have a question, who can I call?
Call the FarmOn! Foundation at Empire Farm (518) 329-3276 or contact us via email: